Learn More and ApplyExecutive Master of Science in Human Resource Management (EMSHRM)


Business program

The Executive Master of Science in Human Resources Management (EMSHRM) is for high potential, experienced human resource professionals who want to move into senior HR leadership roles. In this program you’ll acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to develop and execute effective human capital strategies that drive change in organizations. The curriculum has been designed to highlight the importance of business acumen, leading at the executive level, professional development, self-awareness, professional ethics, and core HR knowledge in the areas of talent acquisition, talent management and development, total rewards, global HR, and diversity and inclusion. You’ll progress through this accelerated program with a cohort of peers. Courses are primarily delivered online, with three four-day on-campus sessions, providing you the flexibility to meet professional and family responsibilities while earning your degree.

Program Requirements Quarter Hours
Required Courses (13) 42
Required Residencies (3) 6
Total hours required 48

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Understand and apply information that contributes to an organization’s strategic plan.
  • Apply analytical and problem-solving skills to make decisions based upon best practices or research.
  • Value and consider the perspectives and backgrounds of individuals from different cultures, understand the differences in rules and business operations in different cultures, and approach decisions with an openness to various cultural perspectives.
  • Understand how to direct and contribute to initiatives and processes throughout an organization.
  • Exhibit sophisticated knowledge of HR practices leading to applicable skills in relevant areas (e.g., selection, training, compensation, and performance management) that lead to professional HR career-related success.
  • Recognize and analyze ethical and legal problems within applied business situations, choose a resolution, and justify that ethical choice.
  • Effectively exchange information with others via a coherent written statement and oral presentation of the analysis of a complex business issue.
  • Demonstrate higher-order cognitive skills to analyze an unstructured problem, formulate and develop a solution using appropriate technology, and effectively communicate the results to stakeholders.

Degree Requirements

The curriculum requires 13 courses and 3 in-person residencies (48 credit hours)

Course Title Quarter Hours
MGT 6012
MGT 6002
MGT 6874
MGT 6302
MGT 6914
MGT 6234
MGT 6254
MGT 6022
MGT 6312
MGT 6264
MGT 6904
MGT 6512
MGT 6322
MGT 6994
MGT 6524
MGT 6032