Learn More and Apply​​​Nonprofit Management (MNM), Combined Bachelor's + Master's Degree


CLASS 2024 Nonprofit Management

The combined Bachelor's + Master's degree programs allow students to complete 12 graduate credit hours while still undergraduates. These 12 graduate credit hours will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

​​​DePaul Undergraduate Degree + Nonprofit Management (MNM)

Firmly immersed in the Vincentian ethos of DePaul of serving the poor and underprivileged, the Masters in Nonprofit Management (MNM) combined degree program option is intended for selected students for whom the master’s degree is the preferred preparation for their career goals, or is viewed as additional preparation before pursuing a doctoral or law degree. The combined Bachelors/MNM program shortens the time to completion of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees by and costs less in tuition than pursuing the two degrees sequentially. 

Combined program students take three MNM courses during their senior year, typically one per quarter, which double-count for both the bachelor’s and the master’s degrees. Placement of the successfully completed MNM courses either as open electives or as major field electives resides with the College hosting the specific Bachelor’s degree program. After the bachelor’s degree is awarded the three courses are credited toward the requirements of the MNM degree program as well. 

Participants in the combined MNM program pay the current tuition rate applicable to their undergraduate program for any courses counted toward the requirements of both their bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Participants will be eligible for the current Double Demon Discount for the remainder of their graduate coursework.

Through the combined Bachelors/MNM program, the student is responsible for working with both their undergraduate advisor to manage their undergraduate degree progress and the SPS academic advisor (SPSAdvising@depaul.edu) to plan a graduate program of study that includes the MNM courses as open electives or major field electives. Undergraduates are advised to meet a faculty member once per quarter during their senior year as an undergraduate to ensure that they are on track to graduate and transition into the master’s program. They also must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in their graduate-level courses in order to matriculate into the graduate program.

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