Pre-Law (PRELAW)


PRELAW 150 | THE PRACTICE OF LAW | 2 quarter hours


What do lawyers do? Why and how do they do it? What does it mean to be an ethical lawyer? This exploration of the legal profession will engage students in a broad-ranging discussion of lawyers and their work, in both historical and contemporary perspectives. Students will examine the portrayal of the legal profession in popular culture, including in film and literature, and will explore the concept of ethics in the legal profession. The course will also include field trips to key sites where lawyers work throughout the city of Chicago.

Status as a 3+3 BA/JD student is a prerequisite for this class.



This course for students enrolled in the 3+3 program addresses a timely topic of significant legal interest, such as gay marriage, affirmative action, campaign finance, etc. The topic varies according to current events and instructor interest. Students will use current topics to explore the broader theme of the relationship between law and society, particularly law's relationship to social change. Readings each term will include multi-disciplinary perspectives, such as law, political science, philosophy, economics, history, etc. The course is designed to further develop students' critical thinking skills.

Status as a 3+3 BA/JD Student and PRELAW 150 are prerequisites for this class.

PRELAW 152 | THINKING ABOUT THE LAW | 2 quarter hours


This course will explore the concept of jurisprudence, helping students to understand traditions of legal thought in the American legal system. What are the major theories of law and how are they reflected in today's courts and congressional chambers? Students will explore the law from different vantage points, including those of judges, lawmakers, lawyers, philosophers, and clients. Major themes of the course will vary each year, but will typically include reflections on justice, punishment, rule of law, and other key foundational topics. Students will engage in significant writing assignments in the course that will help them develop the advanced writing skills necessary for success in law school.

Status as a 3+3 BA/JD Student and PRELAW 151 are prerequisites for this class.