Global Fluency Certificate


DePaul University provides a wide array of opportunities for students to be exposed to global, international, intercultural issues, through curricular and co-curricular offerings.  The Global Fluency Certificate is offered to officially recognize undergraduate students who elect to pursue a global emphasis in their studies.  Any undergraduate student is eligible to obtain the Global Fluency Certificate, which will be recorded on transcripts, if they satisfy ALL of the requirements below:

  1. Language Proficiency:  Proficiency (beginning) in a language other than English that can be satisfied by successfully completing with a C or better language courses up to 103 (i.e. one year of a foreign language) or by taking an assessment test, administered by the Modern Languages Department.
  2. Completion of one global experiential component among:
    1. Study abroad
    2. Global Learning Experience (GLE)
    3. International Campus Ministry service trip
    4. Global Brigades trip
    5. International Internship
  3. Successful completion of 4 globally themed courses:  At least 4 (four) GL tagged courses, excluding those that satisfy either 1 or 2, with at least 2 (two) that do not count toward requirements of the student’s major (outside of the Liberal Studies Program).  These courses are identified in the Class Search and Enroll function in Campus Connect.
  4. Overall GPA of 2.67 or better.

A student wishing to complete the Global Fluency Certificate should apply using the following webform.  For more information, please contact .