Health Sciences (BS) + Master of Public Health (MPH)


Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree programs allow especially strong and motivated students to complete both degrees on an accelerated timeline by sharing a pre-determined limited number of credits between the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

The 3+2 combined program maintains the rigor and value of both the undergraduate degree in Health Sciences from the College of Science and Health and the Master of Public Health program from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, giving students exceptional education and training at the undergraduate and graduate level. The advantage of this program is that students can earn their BS in Health Sciences and their MPH in as few as five years. There is also a Universal Pathway to the MPH as an option for students who are not eligible for the 3+2 combined degree program, and more information about that pathway can be found on the Master of Public Health site.

Interested students may apply to the BS in Health Sciences + Master of Public Health 3+2 combined degree program during their junior year at DePaul. Eligible students must be declared Health Sciences majors in the Public Health Sciences concentration with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5. Application to the MPH program is competitive and includes several personal statement essays and a current CV. The GRE requirement will be waived for application to this program. Students are responsible for planning their remaining quarters at DePaul to confirm that they can complete all degree requirements.

In year four, accepted students take undergraduate courses toward the BS, graduate courses towards the MPH, and graduate courses that will count towards both degrees. The students will be awarded the BS in Health Sciences when all requirements have been met, by the end of year 4 at the latest. The fifth year will consist solely of courses for the MPH.

Because this program requires careful planning of courses, students in their sophomore year are encouraged to work with the Health Sciences academic advisor and a faculty advisor from the MPH program. While students are enrolled as undergraduates in the College of Science and Health, they must apply for undergraduate degree conferral in anticipation of completing the BS in Health Sciences. Once students are matriculated as graduate students in the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences they will be responsible for applying for degree conferral in anticipation of completing the Master of Public Health.

In the event that they are not accepted to the program, applicants would take the remaining coursework for the BS in Health Sciences and would be encouraged to apply for traditional entry into the MPH. 

The MPH curriculum will be completed in its entirety and is unaltered by this program. Unique to this combined degree program, a maximum of 5 courses/20 quarter hours may be applied toward both the BS in Health Sciences and the Master of Public Health courses below will apply toward both degrees. All other graduate coursework counts solely towards the MPH. The following courses in the BS Health Sciences/Public Health Sciences concentration will be replaced by graduate level courses:

MPH Course Public Health Sciences Course
MPH 501 One Major Elective
MPH 502 HLTH 310
MPH 511 One Major Elective
MPH 515 One Major Elective/Health Ethics Requirement
MPH 541 Statistics Requirement

If the student is admitted to the combined program and completed some MPH coursework but then decides not to complete the MPH, the completed graduate courses will apply to the undergraduate degree and any remaining Health Sciences requirements will be finished at the undergraduate level. Also, students will be advised carefully as to the financial implications of this program as the timing of courses affects when the students will be in their undergraduate or graduate career for the purposes of tuition and financial aid eligibility.

Once the 5 courses/20 quarter hours of graduate coursework has been completed and applied toward the BS and MPH degrees, the student will take their remaining undergraduate courses as part of their undergraduate career and remaining graduate courses as part of their graduate career. Once the undergraduate degree is conferred, the student is eligible for the Double Demon Scholarship for remaining graduate-only terms. See DePaul's Scholarship website for details.