Learn More and ApplyHistory (MA), Combined Bachelor's + Master's Degree


CLASS 2024 History 2

The combined Bachelor’s + Master’s degree programs allow students to complete 12 graduate credit hours while still undergraduates.  These 12 graduate credit hours will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Students interested in the applying to the combined BA + MA (History) program should contact the History Graduate Director, Scott Bucking (sbucking@depaul.edu).  

DePaul undergraduates interested in the BA + MA (History) should apply to the program by April 15 of their junior year.  The department will consider students from any major and they must maintain a GPA of 3.0 in their undergraduate courses and in the three graduate courses taken in their senior year.  In addition, grades in the graduate-level courses must be at least a C or higher to count for the combined degree.   

Undergraduate students will take HST 421 and two HST 400-level electives in their senior year.  If they are a History major, the History Gateway course and its linked practicum course may be substituted for the two HST 400-level electives.