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The combined Bachelor's/Master's degree programs allow students to complete 12 graduate credit hours while still undergraduates. These 12 graduate credit hours will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Students who meet the admission requirements below may choose to apply to a combined degree program. Interested students should consult their faculty advisor regarding the application procedure. This program allows students to combine many CDM bachelor's degrees with a CDM master's degree following the structure outlined below.

Admission Criteria

  • Minimum of 44 quarter hours earned
  • Minimum of 12 quarter hours earned at DePaul
  • GPA of 3.3 or higher in courses taken at DePaul
  • Full admission to the designated master’s program requires meeting admission requirements for that program

  • Faculty endorsement from a CDM full-time faculty member

Students should discuss their interest in a CDM combined degree program with a CDM faculty advisor. Before admission to the degree, students should work with the faculty advisor to identify a course plan for the combined degree program, including the list of courses to take and how the courses will be applied toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Non-CDM students can email the CDM advising office if interested in a combined degree with a CDM master’s degree.

If you are currently a CDM student and interested in combining your CDM bachelor’s degree with a non-CDM graduate degree, please contact the respective college for admission and application procedures.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Computing or the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies with a major in Computing joint degree programs between CDM and the School of Continuing and Professional Studies are eligible for this program. Interested students who meet the admission criteria for a combined degree should contact SCPS Academic Services for more information. Advanced programs (e.g., JD/MS, MFA, and PhD) are not eligible for the combined degree program.

Program Structure

Students in the combined degree program take a maximum of three (3) graduate level courses that count toward both their bachelor's and master's degree requirements. Students may enroll in graduate level coursework in the junior and senior year only. Students in the combined degree program will receive the bachelor's degree after meeting all graduation requirements including the minimum credit hours required for graduation.

To earn the master's degree, the student must earn as many additional graduate credit hours as needed to reach the minimum number of graduate credit hours required in that master's degree. 

Only CDM courses can be taken as part of this program. Advanced programs (e.g., JD/MS, MFA, and PhD) are not eligible for the combined degree program.

Maintaining Good Standing

Cumulative GPA and course grades will be reviewed after each Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarter.

The student and faculty advisor will be notified when the student's cumulative GPA falls below 3.3 or when the students receives less than a C- in graduate level course.

If a student's cumulative GPA falls below 3.3, the student must earn a term GPA of 3.3 or above in the following quarter to stay in good standing. If the student does not achieve a 3.3 term GPA, then the student will be dismissed from the combined program and resume the traditional B.A./B.S./B.F.A. 

If dismissed from the combined degree program after graduate courses have been passed, the graduate courses may only apply to the undergraduate degree. Should the student later be admitted to a graduate program, graduate courses applied to the undergraduate degree many not apply to the graduate program and may not be repeated if they are required in the declared graduate curriculum. Other graduate courses may be substituted in this case. 

Designing a Course of Study

It is extremely important that the student and faculty advisor work together on a course of study immediately upon admission to the Combined Degree Program.

This course of study should include the graduate courses to be taken and the undergraduate courses that are replaced by the graduate courses. Failure to put together a solid plan can lead to extra coursework and a lengthening of the Combined Degree program.

It is advisable for the student and the faculty advisor to enter the proposed plan of study in the student communication record in BlueStar so it is available to the student and CDM faculty and staff.

Registering for Master's Degree Courses

Combined degree students must meet regularly with their faculty advisor. The faculty advisor will initiate the registration process for all graduate level courses taken during the undergraduate career.

Bachelor's Degree to Master's Degree Transition

In order to be fully admitted to the designated master's program, the student must meet all admission requirements for that program. When preparing to complete the undergraduate portion of the combined degree, students must submit the application for degree conferral for the undergraduate degree by the application deadline. At this time, the students should contact the CDM Academic Success Center about the procedure required to be formally admitted to the declared graduate program.