Public Service Management (MS), Combined Bachelor's + Master's Degree


The combined Bachelor's + Master's degree programs allow students to complete 12 graduate credit hours while still undergraduates. These 12 graduate credit hours will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

DePaul Undergraduate Degree + Public Service Management (MS)

The MS in Public Service Management degree educates leaders to work in public, private, and nonprofit organizations. Through our cross-sectoral approach to learning, research, and service we prepare leaders to connect domestic and global issues, alleviate poverty, and build responsive and responsible service organizations. We promote compassion for marginalized communities and service to all people with accountability, justice, professionalism, sensitivity, and transparency.

Combined program students take three courses during their senior year, typically one per quarter, which double-count for both the bachelor’s and the master’s degrees. Placement of the successfully completed courses either as open electives or as major field electives on the undergraduate level resides with the College hosting the specific bachelor’s degree program. After the bachelor’s degree is awarded the three courses are credited toward the requirements of the MS degree program as well.  

Click on DEGREE REQUIREMENTS for descriptions of the required MS in Public Service Management coursework.​​

The MS in Public Service Management may also be expanded to include select graduate certificate programs covering particular areas of interest. Students adding an approved certificate should consult with their academic advisor to determine if coursework might count toward both programs. A separate application process for the certificate is required. Students who are interested in any of the following combination programs should contact the LAS Graduate Student Services Office for additional information.

  • Public Service Management + Community Development Certificate
  • Public Service Management + Metro Planning and Development Certificate
  • Public Service Management + Global Health Certificate
  • Public Service Management + Social Research Certificate
  • Public Service Management + Women's and Gender Studies Certificate
  • Public Service Management + GIS Certificate
  • Public Service Management + Sustainable Urban Food Systems Certificate