Sociology BA + Sociology MA


The combined Bachelor's + Master of Arts degree programs allow students to complete 12 graduate credit hours while still enrolled as undergraduates. This option is available to Sociology majors as well as any undergraduate major at DePaul University. These 12 graduate credit hours can count as elective courses in their senior year as an undergraduate and they comprise the first year of the MA degree in Sociology. Combined degree participants will be awarded their bachelor's degrees upon completion of their undergraduate degree requirements. The MA degree will be awarded upon completion of the graduate degree requirements.

Students apply to this program in spring of their junior year; interested students should meet with the Director of the program. Students in this program take twelve graduate credit hours in their senior year; these graduate courses apply toward both undergraduate and graduate Sociology requirements. An application to the Sociology BA + Sociology MA program is required. Students accepted to the Sociology BA + Sociology MA program must register for graduate classes in consultation with the Graduate Program Director.

Students with a BA in sociology will have the following three courses substituted for three 400-level courses, which will count toward both undergraduate and graduate degree programs:

  • Three Sociology elective courses at the 200 or 300-level