​​Offered during the autumn quarter, Chicago Quarter courses acquaint first-year students at DePaul with the metropolitan community, its neighborhoods, cultures, people, institutions, organizations and issues. It is through these classes that students make first contact with both the university's urban identity and its Vincentian mission. Students also learn about university life, resources, and how to be a successful student. This learning is accomplished through a variety of means, but particularly through first-hand observation, participation, personal discovery, reflection, discussion, and guest lectures.

To fulfill the Chicago Quarter requirement, students select either Discover Chicago or Explore Chicago. Discover Chicago includes an intensive immersion week experience prior to the start of fall classes. Whereas Explore Chicago meets during the regular fall term and includes excursions throughout the quarter.

The Chicago Quarter requirement in the Liberal Studies Program comprises a choice between the following courses:

Course Title Quarter Hours

Learning Outc​​omes

​Students will be able to:

  • Analyze and integrate the academic content and their experiences across the city.
  • Articulate connections between the course content and at least two of these four concepts that reflect the mission of DePaul University:
    • Diversity.
    • Social responsibility.
    • Human dignity.
    • Urban sustainability.
  • Showcase self-development and personal growth as a university student.
  • Describe how their course prepares them to embark on the remainder of their liberal studies education.
  • Articulate educational, career, and financial goals.
  • Demonstrate awareness of strategies and resources needed to achieve academic success.