Liberal Studies Program Overall Guidelines


This provides general Liberal Studies Program (LSP) guidelines; for the Liberal Studies requirements associated with a specific program, see the catalog description for that respective program. Students in the DePaul University Honors Program should consult with a program advisor about their requirements.

All DePaul Students Who Participate in the Liberal Studies Program

There are a number of general Liberal Studies Program (LSP) guidelines that pertain to all DePaul undergraduate students (except for students in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies).

  1. Students may not use the same course to fulfill a requirement in both their primary major and LSP. There are two exceptions to this rule:
    1. Designated courses in the major may also be used to fulfill the Experiential Learning requirement. Students who pursue this option will then complete an additional learning domain elective or, if applicable, the third course of the Language for Liberal Studies Option.
    2. Transfer students who complete the General Education Core Curriculum of the Illinois Articulation Initiative may apply a particular course to fulfilling a requirement in the major (see the GECC/IAI section of this policy.)
  2. Students must earn a C- or better in WRD 103 and WRD 104 (or WRD 103X and WRD 104X). Some students may be required to take preparatory writing classes before being eligible to enroll in WRD 103 COMPOSITION AND RHETORIC I, while other students may have one or both FYW courses met by AP scores or transfer credit.​​
  3. The LSP 200 SEMINAR ON RACE, POWER, AND RESISTANCE may not be substituted or waived.
  4. Students may request to substitute a different course for one of the LSP requirements. All substitutions must meet the learning outcomes and writing expectations for the particular LSP requirement.
  5. Students completing a second major or minor may use the same courses to fulfill requirements in those areas and in the Experiential Learning, Capstone, and Learning Domains of LSP.