Department of Leadership, Language & Curriculum


​The Department of Leadership, Language and Curriculum is a multidisciplinary academic body that aims to fully prepare urban multicultural professional practitioners and leaders to work in a variety of educational and community settings. Practitioners who complete a course of study offered by our department will contribute to their respective fields, balance theory with practice, consider multiple points of view in decision making, promote positive transformations in the settings in which they are engaged, and continue to function as life long learners.  The practitioner’s professional role is shaped by ongoing reflection and positive engagement with the individual, the community, and the larger sociopolitical realities.  The preparation we offer practitioners demonstrates our commitment to social justice, critical pedagogy, and positive educational transformation. The disciplines in the Department address these themes from a variety of perspectives that include language and culture, curriculum theory and development, and educational leadership in administration and supervision.

The following programs are offered at Lincoln Park:

  • MA or MEd in Bilingual Bicultural Education
  • MA or MEd in Curriculum Studies
  • MA or MEd in Educational Leadership
  • Minor in Bilingual Education
  • Minor in English as a Second Language
  • Minor in English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education

The following programs are offered Online:

  • MA or MEd in Curriculum Studies (Online)
  • MEd in Value-Creating Education for Global Citizenship (Online)