Department of Teacher Education, Kinesiology and Educational Studies


The Department of Teacher Education, Kinesiology and Educational Studies prepares educators through an integrated program of course work and field experiences with an emphasis on the relationship of theory to practice and a commitment to serving diverse populations. The programs of study center on investigating significant educational issues, conducting inquiry of student learning and effective teaching practices; using technology in teaching and learning; exploring the foundational disciplines of history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and human development as they relate to education; examining theoretical discourse, economic and political change, and the quest for equity; and studying current research and best practices.  We engage candidates in critical reflection upon their practice, and foster immersion in educational sites through our partnerships with schools and other agencies.
Course work in our department programs explores the interplay between the individual, society, and sociocultural processes through examination of educational theories, institutions, policies and practices, and human development across the life span, along with debates about research methodology and the contribution of research to the understanding of educational problems as part of a broader project for social justice and transformation.  In addition to educational positions inside schools, students are also prepared for positions in government, private foundations and institutes, community and cultural organizations, and adult education and training. 
Graduates of our programs demonstrate a commitment to Vincentian personalism that honors the dignity of each person, a belief in the power of education to transform lives in pursuit of social justice, and a dedication to continuous growth as professionals in both formal and informal educational contexts.