DePaul DREAM Statement


​At DePaul University we affirm the dignity of the individual. We value diversity and culture because these are part of our core values and traditions as a Catholic, Vincentian, and urban university. DePaul University has decided to take a strong and public stand for supporting undocumented students, and DREAM Act legislation. We believe supporting undocumented students is smart policy that will yield significant benefits for our university, city, state, and nation. We also know these young people who enter our doors are part of the next great generation who will build our collective future. It is for this reason that DePaul admits students regardless of their citizenship status. Because we welcome these students, it is incumbent upon all members of the DePaul community to understand DePaul’s position on assisting undocumented students, realize the value that they bring to our university, and support their success as we support all of our students.