Language Learning Center


Free language tutoring service is available through the Department of Modern Languages (MOL).

  • Each tutor holds one-on-one meetings either in-person in our Language Learning Center (SAC 305) or online via Zoom.
  • Tutors are generally available 8 am-8 pm, Monday through Friday each quarter, with some weekend availability as well.
  • Our tutors provide the following language-related assistance:
    • ​Helping improve students’ pronunciation;
    • Explaining grammar structures;
    • Practicing conversational skills;
    • Assisting with reading assignments;
    • Helping with writing assignments;
    • Offering other language-related support in all academic subjects.

You can schedule appointments on your own—at any time—using our online scheduler, WCOnline.  If you need assistance, you can chat with a Language Learning Center assistant using our Live Chat feature, or call the Language Learning Center at 773-325-1888.