Student Care Team and Threat Assessment


DePaul University’s Student Care Team (SCT) is responsible for assessing and coordinating a response to a wide-range of concerns about students. The SCT also fulfills the role of the Campus Threat Assessment Team with respect to students (DePaul University Campus Violence Prevention Plan​). The SCT is charged with proactively monitoring the University’s campus environment from a threat perspective, as well as providing leadership and coordinating the University’s response to critical incidents that affect individual students.

Members of the campus community are encouraged to report concerns about disturbing behavior exhibited by a DePaul student to the Dean of Students, Chair of the Student Care Team (SCT), as soon as possible. Whenever there is concern for immediate physical danger, individuals should call 911.

In general, the Dean of Students will review the information provided, involving the SCT as appropriate. Depending on the behavior, this review could include a threat assessment. Based on this review, the SCT will determine an appropriate, individualized, situation-specific response action plan. This could include case management, recommendations about behavioral intervention (either by the SCT or by another individual), and/or referrals to, or recommendations regarding, other University processes or supports. As circumstances warrant, these responses could happen simultaneously.