Student Conduct Process


In this section of the Code of Student Responsibility, you will find information about the Student Conduct Process. The Student Conduct Process protects students and the University by delineating specific procedures for addressing potential policy violations.

A student may violate a policy by engaging in the conduct detailed in the policy or by assisting others with engaging in the conduct detailed in the policy.

In general, the Vice President for Student Affairs, or his/her designees, maintains exclusive authority for imposing sanctions for behaviors that violate the policies in the Code of Student Responsibility and for student violations of University policies.

There are some exceptions to this general statement. For example, Academic Affairs addresses potential violations of academic policies and maintains a separate process for addressing potential violations of the Academic Integrity policy.

The Dean of Students Office within Student Affairs is primarily responsible for managing the Student Conduct Process. Residential Education also manages the Student Conduct Process for certain policy violations by residential students.