Code of Student Responsibility Policies


In this section of the Code of Student Responsibility, you will find information about DePaul's policies that apply only to students.

As an academic and religious institution, DePaul has a vested interest in both the safety and well-being of the members of its campus community. By voluntarily joining the University community, a student agrees to abide by the standards that have been instituted by DePaul University. The Code of Student Responsibility gives formal recognition to the rights and responsibilities of students at DePaul University. Students are responsible for being familiar with all of the policies included in the Code of Student Responsibility.

The University expects that students will take responsibility for confronting behaviors exhibited by their peers that negatively impact their experiences and violate established standards of behavior as articulated in policies. It is imperative that students work in partnership with University faculty and staff members to protect the rights that have been afforded them.