Letter from the Dean of Students


To the University Community,

The Dean of Students Office is committed to partnership in the educational mission of DePaul University. This mission is enhanced by a Code of Student Responsibility, which includes policies that outline expectations and standards of behavior for the student community. Any community of more than 22,000 people needs rules. As a DePaul University student, the policies in the DePaul Code of Student Responsibility are not a list of things you can do wrong; it is a code designed to protect your rights and those of all DePaul students. Any student who feels that another student in the community has violated their rights is encouraged to use this Code and the Dean of Students Office as a resource.

The Dean of Students Office can be an invaluable advocate and support in identifying resources and services for students. In an institution of such size and complexity it is often difficult to know where to begin when a student is struggling or having difficulty navigating the University setting. This office can be of particular help in areas of personal and/or family crisis, economic distress, or a medical/personal leave of absence. The office serves as principal liaison and resource for students and other divisions and departments within the University community.

Finally, our work with students is guided by the Socially Responsible Leader framework which is grounded in our Catholic, Urban, and Vincentian mission. The development of socially responsible leaders in today’s complex, global, and ever-changing world requires a campus community that is committed to holistic learning and the fostering of a campus community based on respect. It is our hope that you will make full use of the opportunities to reach your full potential that are available for you at DePaul University. In that regard, the Dean of Students Office is here to serve you with locations on both the Loop and Lincoln Park campuses.


Student Center 307
Lincoln Park Campus
(773) 325-7290

Lewis Center, Suite 1400
Loop Campus
(312) 362-8066

In emergency situations, the office can also be reached 24 hours a day through our Public Safety Office at (773) 325-7777.

Ellen Herion Fingado
Dean of Students