Grades, Repeating Classes


Graduate students may have the need to repeat courses. When that occurs, all grades achieved are recorded on the academic record. All attempts are to be calculated into the grade point average. Moreover, only credit for the last attempt will be applied to the degree.

A student may repeat a course one time without special permission. If a student wishes to repeat a course more than once, they should receive permission from their home college office advisor. Students who register for a course for the third time without first obtaining permission from their home college office advisor may be dropped from the course by their home college office.


This policy does not apply to courses that are repeatable for credit.

Special note for federal and/or state student aid recipients who wish to repeat a course: Federal and state financial aid regulations restrict the number of times that a student may receive federal or state financial aid for repeating a course for which credit has been previously earned. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at DePaul Central to learn about the financial aid impact if you are considering repeating a course for which you have previously earned credit.