​Students must withdraw from classes through the registration function in Campus Connect. Withdrawals processed via the web or through direct contact with the home school/college office are effective the day on which they are made. Simply ceasing to attend, or notifying the instructor, or nonpayment of tuition, does not constitute an authorized withdrawal from class and will result in academic as well as financial penalty.

When the withdrawal occurs, the tuition charge for courses during a 10-week quarter will be reduced according to the following schedule, in accord with the tuition package:

Withdrawal Refund
Up to 20% or 2 weeks of a ten week term​ 100% refund
After 20% of the term 0% refund


  • Students receiving financial aid are advised to contact a Financial Aid Counselor to discuss the consequences of a withdrawal impacting academic progress and aid eligibility at DePaul University or any other school to which they may transfer. Students in university housing are advised to contact Housing to discuss the consequences of withdrawal impacting eligibility to maintain residence.