A student who requires time away from their academic program but who intends to re-enroll at DePaul within four quarters may request a leave of absence. Students must be enrolled in the fourth quarter after beginning their leave of absence (excluding summer term). Students will be subject to the NonEnrollment/Discontinuation Policy if they do not enroll in the fourth term after their leave of absence begins. Students seeking a leave of absence related to military service will find the procedure outlined in the Military Academic Adjustments policy. Students should consult their academic advisor to determine if their college has a more restrictive leave of absence policy. This policy does not cover the College of Law; therefore, College of Law students should consult with the college if seeking a leave of absence.

Students are limited to a maximum of three quarters leave of absence for each career (undergraduate or graduate). The quarters need not be consecutive. A student wishing to take a leave of absence must complete a Leave of Absence form in Campus Connect. Their Degree Progress Report will reflect the requirements from the student’s entrance term while a student remains on leave of absence. Students are not required to reapply for admittance to the University if they re-enroll within four quarters (not including summer quarter). If a student does not return within this time frame, they must apply to be re-admitted as a student. If a student requests a leave of absence that spans fewer than the three quarters they are allowed as a maximum, they will be subject to the standard Discontinuation Policy and will be discontinued if they do not enroll in the third quarter after their leave of absence begins. Re-admission does not extend the number of terms for which a student may take a leave of absence. 

Students who receive financial aid are encouraged to consult with the Office of Financial Aid to discuss the effect of a leave of absence on their financial aid.

To initiate a leave of absence, a student will use the tool in Campus Connect (select the “Academic Records” tile and click on “Leave/Withdrawal Request”).  Upon submitting their request, the student will receive a notification of its receipt from the Office of the University Registrar.  The student will receive a second email once their leave of absence is processed.