Language for Liberal Studies Option


The Language for Liberal Studies Option (LLS), formerly known as the Modern Language Option (MLO), is available to all* undergraduate students who wish to study a language beyond the level required for their degree.

Students who choose the LLS may use a sequence of three courses in the same language to replace three learning domain courses:

  • These three course substitutions must be made in three different domains, and any substitutions must be consistent with the principle that students complete at least one course in each learning domain.
  • LLS substitutions may not be used in the Scientific Inquiry-Lab, Scientific Inquiry-Science as a Way of Knowing, or the Math and Computing requirements.

Students with a primary major in a modern language may apply the LLS to a three-course sequence in an additional language at any level. Students with a secondary major in a modern language may apply the LLS to any three-course language sequence beyond the language requirement associated with their primary major. This three-course sequence can be either in the language of their secondary major or in an additional language.

*Students with a two-year language requirement can use the LLS after they've completed their college's Modern Language Requirement. BFA students should speak to their academic advisor about using the LLS. Students in the University Honors Program are not eligible for the LLS. LLS-eligible courses are taught in the target language (i.e. the language of instruction is American Sign Language, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, etc.). Courses taught in English are not LLS-eligible.