University Center for Writing-based Learning


The University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL) works with all members of the DePaul University community to support writers and to promote the use of writing in teaching and learning through five major initiatives:

The Writing Center

Peer writing tutors offer DePaul students, staff, faculty, and alumni individualized and small group writing feedback on any type of writing at any stage of the writing process. Tutors provide feedback face-to-face on the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses, through asynchronous written feedback or screencast video appointments, and in real time online through IM and webcam. The Writing Center also facilitates Writing Groups at the Loop and Lincoln Park campuses and serves as DePaul’s official source of student support for ePortfolios.

The Writing Fellows Program

The Writing Fellows Program links undergraduate peer writing tutors with writing-intensive courses across the curriculum -- from physics to journalism, religious studies to computer science. Writing Fellows work with the same set of writers from a particular course for an entire quarter, responding to two of their papers through written comments on drafts and in individual conferences.


Workshops are customized, research-based, interactive events that focus on a variety of writing topics. The Workshops Team collaborates with other members of the DePaul community to facilitate in-class workshops that combine their writing expertise with others’ disciplinary expertise. Popular topics include crafting a thesis, being an effective peer reviewer, citing sources, and designing ePortfolios. ​

The Collaborative for Multilingual Writing and Research (CMWR)

The CMWR provides ongoing support for DePaul’s increasingly linguistically diverse community. At the root of our work, the CMWR aims to offer UCWbL tutors opportunities to reflect on and improve upon their work supporting English as additional language writers. We also work in close collaboration with other programs and offices to bring together the many languages and cultures of the DePaul community to share culture, language, experiences, and knowledge.


Outreach promotes, supports, and celebrates the work of writers and tutors at DePaul. This takes the form of collaborating with partner offices on events such as the Peer Tutor and Mentor Summit and Banned Books Week, as well as regularly raising awareness of the UCWbL and its initiatives. 

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