​American Studies courses are methodologically grounded in many different areas of cultural studies including historiography, media studies, material culture, visual literacy, critical race theory and gender/sexuality studies. Students are expected to gain competency in American cultural studies by mastering the theoretical and intellectual frameworks of their concentration and by learning to interpret and analyze primary documents.



Allison McCracken, PhD
Associate Professor (American Studies)

Program Committee Faculty

Paul Booth, PhD
Professor (College of Communication: Media and Cinema Studies))

Carolyn Bronstein, PhD
Professor (College of Communication: Public Relations and Advertising, and Media Studies)​

Marcy Dinius, PhD
Associate Professor (English)

Dustin Goltz, PhD, MFA 
Professor (College of Communication: Performance Studies and Rhetoric)

Nancy Grossman, MSW, MA
Associate Director (University Honors Program)

Bill Johnson Gonz​ález, PhD
Associate Professor (English) ​

Laura Kina, PhD
Professor, The Art School & Director, Critical Asian Studies

Julie Moody-Freeman, PhD
Associate Professor, African and Black Diaspora Studies

Traci Schlesinger, PhD
Associate Professor, Sociology

Amy Tyson,PhD
Associate Professor, History

Affiliated Faculty

Tera Agyepong, PhD
Associate Professor (History)

June Chung, PhD
Associate Professor (English)

Winifred Curran, PhD
Professor (Geography)

Michael DeAngelis, PhD
Professor (College of Communication: Media and Cinema Studies)

Valerie Johnson, PhD
Associate Professor (Political Science)

Amor Kohli, PhD
Associate Professor (African and Black Diaspora Studies)

Daniel Makagon, PhD
Professor (College of Communication: Communication and Media)

Laura Owen, PhD
Associate Professor (Economics)

Lori Pierce
Associate Professor (African and Black Diaspora Studies)

Mark Pohlad, PhD
Associate Professor (History of Art and Architecture)

​Eric Selinger, PhD
Professor (English)

Chernoh Sesay, PhD
Associate Professor (Religious Studies)

Margaret Storey, PhD
Professor (History)

Lourdes Torres, PhD
Vincent de Paul Professor (Latin American and Latino Studies)​

Barbara Willard, PhD
Associate Professor (College of Communication: Communication and Media)​