Writing and Publishing


​The Master of Arts in Writing and Publishing program offers advanced training in the art and craft of writing poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. The program is specifically designed for students interested in careers in creative and literary writing, publishing, and editing, as well as for those seeking to expand their knowledge of writing for the purpose of teaching.


Writing & Publishing students can qualify for a variety of internships, receiving significant on-the-job experience in such areas as research, writing, editing, publishing, law, corporate communications, non-profit work, and library science. Students might locate an internship on their own or receive assistance from Prof. Chris Green, Coordinator of Professional Internships in Writing & Publishing. Quarterly Career Nights (featuring panels of professionals) and Career Workshops (emphasizing internship- and job-finding skills) will also enhance students' opportunities and experience.​

​Two-Year College Teaching Internship

Graduate students in English or a related field are eligible to apply for an internship at an area two-year college. This internship can be undertaken on its own, or as part of the Certificate in Teaching English in Two-Year Colleges. Please contact Prof. Rebecca Johns-Trissler for more information about this opportunity.​


​Michele Morano, MFA, PhD
Associate Professor and Chair
University of Iowa

Rebecca Johns Trissler, MFA
Associate Professor and Director, M.A. in Writing and Publishing
University of Iowa

Chris Green, MFA
Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of Internships in Writing and Publishing
Bennington College

Theodore Anton, MA, MFA
University of Iowa

Barrie Jean Borich, MFA
Associate Professor
Pacific Lutheran University

Miles Harvey, MFA
Associate Professor
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Richard Jones, MA, MFA
University of Virginia, Vermont College

Craig A. Sirles, PhD
Associate Professor Emeritus
Northwestern University

Daniel Stolar, MFA
Associate Professor
University of Arizona

David Welch, MFA
Coordinator of Literary Outreach
University of Alabama

Visiting Faculty

Sarah Fay, MFA, PhD
Adjunct Instructor
University of Iowa

Nancy Grossman, MSW, MA
Adjunct Instructor
Columbia College Chicago

Kathleen Rooney, MFA
Senior Lecturer
Emerson College

Mark Turcotte, MFA
Senior Lecturer 
Western Michigan University