The Department of History offers an innovative curriculum that emphasizes student research and that allows students to tailor concentrations to meet their interests and goals. The History major teaches students how to research, write, and engage with other students and scholars about the processes of historical change in a global context. The curriculum culminates in an annual Student History Conference that highlights student achievement.

Currently home to more than 35 full- and part-time faculty, the History Department serves as a robust center for talks, campus activities, and intellectual life in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. The department’s faculty are teacher-scholars who specialize in virtually every region of the world—American, African, Asian, European, Latin American, and World History—and who specialize in a broad range of subfields that allow students to understand a wide range of topics and methods.

The undergraduate program offers a variety of major concentrations including  the standard concentration, public history, pre-law, and secondary education in history, as well as minors in Museum Studies and the History of Law. Students can also apply for one of our joint degree programs. The TEACH program combines history courses with those necessary for specialization in secondary education. TEACH students receive both BA and MA degrees. The Department of History, in conjunction with Journalism, offers another innovative joint degree program. Students combine a BA in History with an MA in Journalism. Students can also combine a BA in History with an MA in International Studies. These joint degree options allow students to acquire the valued skills and broad knowledge a history education provides while working towards a professional program and certification in five years. Plus, students received discounted graduate tuition.

The Department offers day and night courses on the Lincoln Park and Loop Campuses, as well as fully online and hybrid courses. The history major offers a foundation for any number of career paths. DePaul History students also have an excellent track record of acceptance at leading professional programs and graduate schools.


Tera Agyepong, JD/PhD
Associate Professor
Northwestern University

Eugene Beiriger, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Illinois at Chicago

Brian Boeck, PhD
Harvard University ​

Scott Bucking, PhD
Associate Professor
Cambridge University

John Burton, PhD
Associate Professor 
College of William and Mary ​

Thomas Croak, CM, DA, JD
Associate Professor Emeritus
Carnegie-Mellon University, DePaul University

Colleen Doody, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Virginia 

Thomas Krainz, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Colorado

Matthew Maguire, PhD
Associate Professor
Harvard University

Rajit Mazumder, PhD
Associate Professor
University of London 

Thomas R. Mockaitis, PhD
University of Wisconsin, Madison 

Juan Mora-Torres, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Chicago

Otunnu, PhD
York University 

Kerry Ross, PhD
Associate Professor
Columbia University 

Ana Schaposchnik, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Warren C. Schultz, PhD
Professor and Chair
University of Chicago 

Karen Scott, PhD
Associate Professor
University of California, Berkeley 

Lisa Sigel, PhD
Carnegie-Mellon University

Margaret M. Storey, PhD
Professor and Associate Dean
Emory University

Valentina Tikoff, PhD
Associate Professor
Indiana University

Amy Tyson, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Minnesota

Julia Woesthoff, PhD
Associate Professor
Michigan State University