DePaul’s Applied Diplomacy program is dedicated to re-conceptualizing the practice of diplomacy in order to make these interconnections possible. Uniting traditional and non-traditional approaches to the field, the program seeks to transform our understanding of both. We emphasize the critical necessity for practitioners of diplomacy to become culturally, racially, ethnically, ecologically, and religiously literate, as well as to embrace an interdisciplinary and intercultural definition of the term diplomacy.

The faculty of Applied Diplomacy are drawn from twenty-one different departments and programs across the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, making it one of the most disciplinarily and diverse diplomatic studies programs in the United States. Our diverse constellation of teacher-scholars bring the critical insights of a liberal arts education to bear on the concrete work of promoting cooperation, community building, and conflict resolution in multiple contexts. The Faculty come from not only DePaul's International Studies and Political Science departments, but also from African and Black Diaspora Studies; Anthropology; Art, Media and Design; Community Service Studies; Critical Ethnic Studies; Forced Migration Studies; Geography; History; History of Art and Architecture; Latin American and Latino Studies; Modern Languages; Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies; Public Health; Public Service; Religious Studies; Sociology; Sustainable Urban Development; Women and Gender Studies; and Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse.

Eugene Beiriger, PhD
Associate Professor, History
University of Illinois at Chicago

Pascale-Anne Brault, PhD
Professor, Modern Languages
New York University 

Gil Gott, PhD, JD
Associate Professor, International Studies
University of California, Berkeley

Scott Hibbard, PhD
Associate Professor & Chair, Political Science
Johns Hopkins University

Valerie C. Johnson, PhD
Endowed Professor of Urban Diplomacy and Associate Professor, Political Science
University of Maryland

Shiera Malik, PhD
Endowed Professor of Applied Diplomacy and Associate Professor, International Studies
University of Dublin

Craig Mousin, JD
Ombudsperson, DePaul University
University of Illinois, Urbana

Laura J. Owen, PhD
Associate Professor, Economics
Yale University

Alex G. Papadopoulos, PhD
Professor, Geography
University of Chicago

Anna Souchuk, PhD
Associate Professor and Chair of Modern Languages
Yale University

Chris Tirres, PhD
Endowed Professor of Diplomacy and Interreligious Engagement and Professor, Religious Studies
Harvard University

David Wellman, PhD
Director and Associate Professor, The Grace School of Applied Diplomacy
Union Theological Seminary

Michaela Winchatz, PhD
Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Communication
University of Washington

Geoffrey Wiseman, PhD
Professor and Endowed Chair in Applied Diplomacy
Oxford University