Illegal Use or Possession of Drugs or Controlled Substances


Students may not illegally use, sell, possess, manufacture or distribute any substance prohibited by local, State or federal law. This includes but is not limited to illegal drugs and controlled substances (including cannabis, narcotics, cocaine, heroin, prescription medications, synthetic cannabinoids or other drugs, and any chemical substantially similar to a controlled substance; please note that federal laws require DePaul to prohibit the use and possession of cannabis on campus, regardless of state law, therefore cannabis remains an illegal drug under this policy). Students should be aware that it is unlawful to distribute prescription medication to other students for whom the medication was not prescribed.

Use, possession, manufacturing, or distribution of drug paraphernalia is also prohibited.

This University also seeks to educate students about the use of illegal drugs and controlled substances. Detailed information about DePaul's efforts and programming can be obtained from the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness​. Students who have concerns about their substance use (or someone else’s) may confidentially contact the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness at any time.