Disorderly, Violent, Intimidating or Dangerous Behavior


Students may not engage in behavior that threatens or harms, or that may reasonably be expected to threaten or harm, other people. Students may not engage in behavior that is dangerous, destructive, or disorderly.

Conduct that may violate this policy includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Physically harming another person, either intentionally or by taking actions that create a substantial risk of physical harm to another person.
  2. Threatening to physically harm another person.
  3. Causing significant emotional harm through bullying or other means.
  4. Disrupting the peace.
  5. Impeding the business operations of the University.
  6. Obstructing emergency routes.
  7. Failing to abide by emergency regulations and evacuation procedures.
  8. Urinating or defecating in public view or public place.‚Äč