​A student on probation or dismissed for academic reasons who has fewer than 49 earned quarter hours is eligible for the Forgiveness Policy. Such a student, if the petition is accepted by the Dean of the College,

  1. is not eligible for readmission until a full year has elapsed,
  2. must complete 18 or more quarter hours of credit in course work approved by the college office at a different institution, 
  3. must complete all coursework with a grade of C or better, with a combined GPA of 3.0 or above.

If readmission is approved, the following academic policy applies:

  1. the previous grade point average will revert to zero, and
  2. the previous DePaul credits attempted and earned will be identified as forgiven grades.

If a student chooses to repeat a course for which a grade was forgiven, all forgiven grades for that course will be counted as previous attempts. Please note that although the earned grades are forgiven, the student is still responsible for meeting grade requirements specified in degree requirements and related policies.

This policy permits the student to resume a program of studies without the penalty of previously deficient grade point average.​​