Evaluation and Credit, Limitations


​Transfer Credit and Credit by Examination

A maximum of 132 quarter hours (88 semester hours) of transfer credit will be applicable to any undergraduate degree at DePaul. This includes transfer courses taken at both community colleges and other four-year institutions and credit by examination. Credits earned from the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP) and/or International A/S and A level exams and ACE military credit combined with transfer credits from two-year institutions will total no more than 99 quarter hours (66 semester hours) and, combined with credits from four-year institutions, will total no more than 132 quarter hours. The senior year residency requirement prohibits the application of transfer, ACE military, CLEP, AP, IB, or A/S and A level credits to the final 60 quarter hours of course work.  

In addition, in the School for New Learning undergraduate competency-based programs a maximum of 75% of the degree requirements may be met through transfer coursework and Prior Learning Assessment. For all SNL undergraduate degree programs, Prior Learning Assessment may not account for more than 25% of the total degree requirements.​

Additional information on types of transfer work accepted is available in the Transfer Credit Regulations in this handbook.

Developmental Courses

MAT 94, MAT 95 and WRD 102, WRD 108 and WRD 200 courses are intended to build a student’s skills in college-level reading, or mathematics. A maximum of 12 hours (depending upon the college or school enrolled) of these courses may be applied toward the degree as University electives. Students who take more than their maximum of these courses will graduate with an academic program in excess of the 192 hours required for the degree. No credit in these courses may be applied toward degree requirements in Liberal Studies. Students are not permitted to take these courses on a pass/fail basis. In addition, these courses may not be accepted for transfer to other colleges or universities. 

Graduate Level Courses

Undergraduate students may be granted permission at the discretion of the graduate college to complete a graduate level course to fulfill undergraduate course requirements. Graduate courses taken while an undergraduate will not apply toward a graduate degree at DePaul. The one exception to this policy is for students accepted into a Combined Bachelor’s + Master’s program where specific restrictions apply (please see the Combined Bachelor’s + Master’s Program​ Policy for additional information). ​​