Online Placement Process​

All new (non-SCPS) undergraduate students are required to complete the placement process for Math and Writing. Modern Language placement exams are optional. The placement process helps to ensure students are registered in courses that best builds on current skills in order to succeed in their studies at DePaul.

The Online Placement Process does not award course credit, but is used to provide course placement for entering freshman and transfer students. Placement tests at DePaul are offered in the areas of Mathematics and Modern Languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish).

Students will self-assess their skill level in Writing. Based on their responses they will be guided to select the Writing course that is most appropriate.

Exemptions from Online Placement Process

Some students are exempt from the process based on standardized test scores and/or other prior course history. In addition, the mathematics and modern language requirements vary for some degree programs at DePaul. Before starting the placement process online, please review the exemptions and specific guidelines for different majors/colleges on the Office of Admission website.

Freshman students are required to complete the Writing and the Math placement process before they are allowed to register for orientation.  Additional information pertaining to the Math Placement process can be found here.