Graduation: Undergraduate Degree Requirements


​In order to graduate, undergraduate students must have fulfilled all of the following requirements:

  1. ​The student must have completed a minimum of 192 quarter hours or a minimum of 50 competencies for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies competency-based programs
  2. The student must have a minimum of 2.000 cumulative grade point average. 
  3. The student must have completed all requirements for their degree by the last day of term for which they apply for degree conferral.
  4. The student must have earned grades of C- or better in all major and minor classes. Please note that the cumulative grade point average in each of these areas must be greater than or equal to 2.000.
  5. The student must have fulfilled the residency requirement, i.e., he or she must have completed the following work at DePaul University:
    • the final 60 quarter hours of credit
    • one-half of the credit earned in the major area of concentration
      Note: Students pursuing additional majors, minors or second degrees should consult the Adding Supplementary Credentials to the Bachelor’s Degree section for additional information.  

      Special Note for School of Continuing and Professional Studies Competency-Based Programs:
    • SCPS competence-based programs (BAIFA, BAC, BAGB and BAECE): Students in these programs must complete at least 25% of competence requirements through SCPS courses. In addition, students in the BAC program must also complete at least 5 courses through the College of Computing and Digital Media. Students in the BAECE program must also complete at least 9 courses through the College of Education.

            Exemptions to the residency requirement may be made by the Dean in individual cases. 

  1. A formal application for graduation must be filed by a candidate. Application for graduation may be made only by classified degree-seeking students. The student must complete the online degree conferral application in Campus Connect by the designated deadline date.
    • Autumn degree conferral: October 1
    • Winter degree conferral: January 15
    • Spring degree conferral: February 1
    • Summer (August) degree conferral: July 15

      Submitting this on-line application does not guarantee the conferral (granting) of a degree from DePaul University. A student may change the expected completion term up to the last day of that term.


  • Degree requirements are reviewed at the end of the expected completion term indicated. If all requirements are met, the degree will be conferred within 30 days of the end of the term. Diplomas are mailed (to graduates without financial holds), generally within 45-60 days after the end of the term. 
  • DePaul reports degree information to the National Student Clearinghouse monthly. Many companies and agencies use this service to verify awarded degrees. A student's degree will only be verified by the Clearinghouse if the student's Privacy Settings in Campus Connect indicate this as releasable information at the time the degree is conferred. Students should verify FERPA Privacy Settings before the end of their completion term.