University Rights Within the Student Conduct Process


The University reserves the following rights:

  1. The right, in accordance with applicable legal mandates, to refer any matter involving a potential violation of criminal or civil law to the proper law enforcement agency.
  2. The right to initiate a Student Conduct Process based on reliable information indicating a potential policy violation.
  3. The right to sanction a student on an interim basis in accordance with the procedures described in the Student Conduct Process.
  4. The right to share the outcomes of the Student Conduct Process as permitted or required under FERPA, the Clery Act, or any other legal mandate.
  5. In keeping with its commitment to offer a fundamentally fair process for all students involved in the Student Conduct Process, the right to adapt certain aspects of the Student Conduct Process in specific circumstances, in order to meet the interests of all involved parties, including the University.
  6. The right to cease the Student Conduct Process under appropriate circumstances. ​