Relationship Between the Student Conduct Process, Law Enforcement, and Legal Proceedings


The Student Conduct Process is designed to be educational, not legal, in nature. Rules of evidence and discovery do not apply to the Student Conduct Process. Students should not draw parallel interpretations between the Student Conduct Process and legal proceedings.

The University may proceed with a Student Conduct Process independently of any action taken by law enforcement or local, State or federal courts or government agencies. Similarly, the University may, in its discretion, decide to delay a Student Conduct Process until the conclusion of a court proceeding or other law enforcement or legal process.

The outcome of a legal proceeding is not determinative on the Student Conduct Process.

Students are not required to report incidents to local law enforcement in order for the University to proceed with a Student Conduct Process. The University does, however, reserve the right in accordance with applicable legal mandates, to refer any matter involving a potential violation of criminal or civil law to the proper law enforcement agency.