Student Rights Within the Student Conduct Process


A student participating in the Student Conduct Process is entitled to the following rights as a guarantee of fundamental fairness:

  1. The right to a Student Conduct Process that proceeds in a prompt and equitable manner.
  2. The right to be given an opportunity for a hearing in accordance with the Student Conduct Process.
  3. The right to a written statement of the alleged violations in sufficient enough detail to prepare.
  4. The right to be accompanied by an advisor in accordance with the Student Conduct Process.
  5. For the complainant(s) and referred student(s), a written statement of the possible sanctions that may be imposed.
  6. For the complainant(s) and referred student(s), the right to submit information and witnesses on one’s behalf and, to the extent necessary, to question witnesses’ statements, whether verbally or in writing.
  7. The right to have the Student Conduct Process explained and to ask for clarification of any policies or procedures.
  8. The right to have reasonable access to information specific to one’s case.
  9. The right to a separate hearing when a single incident gives rise to charges against more than one referred student.
  10. The right to speak on one’s own behalf (or, in the case of a student organization, for the student organization's officers to speak on the student organization's behalf).
  11. The right to promptly know the names of the individuals who will be serving as an Administrative Hearing officer, moderator, on a University Board panel, or reviewing an appeal, and to request a substitution of any such individual for justifiable reason.
  12. The right to have proceedings and documentation kept private and confidential. All hearings, proceedings and case information are considered confidential except to those who have a legitimate educational interest in them, or as permitted or required under FERPA, the Clery Act, or any other legal mandate.
  13. The right to a written decision, which the University will take reasonable measures to provide within five business days of completion of the last hearing.
  14. The right to request an appeal on specific grounds.
  15. The right for any student registered with the Center for Students with Disabilities to request accommodations to ensure their full and equal participation in any conduct process and/or proceeding. Accommodation requests are to be made directly to the Dean of Students Office. Accommodations are determined on an individual basis in consultation with the Center for Students with Disabilities.
  16. The right to request to bring a language interpreter at the sole expense of the student making the request. The Dean of Students Office must be notified of this request. An interpreter would be an addition to an approved advisor.