Preliminary Investigations


When the University is made aware of a potential student violation of a policy in the Code of Student Responsibility or another University policy, it may be necessary to conduct an investigation prior to referring the incident to the Student Conduct Process. Such investigations are either conducted by or in collaboration with the Dean of Students Office. Some examples of other offices that may conduct investigations include the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity, Residential Education, the Office of Student Involvement, Internal Audit, Academic Affairs, and Information Security.

Offices charged with conducting an investigation may gather information, conduct interviews, and solicit materials. Investigations will be conducted with all reasonable speed. At the conclusion of the investigation, an investigator will work with the Dean of Students Office or other appropriate offices to determine whether the Student Conduct Process will begin. To the extent necessary, an investigator will provide information that will become part of a Student Conduct Process or an investigator may participate in the Student Conduct Process as a witness.

A student may choose to have an advisor at any meeting related to an investigation that may give rise to a Student Conduct Process.‚Äč