This section explains the details of the initial meeting of the Student Conduct Process. For a complete overview of the Student Conduct Process go to Overview of the Student Conduct Process​.

At the beginning of a Student Conduct Process, both the complainant and the referred student will promptly be offered:

  • A detailed explanation of the Student Conduct Process, including student rights within that process, and an opportunity to answer any questions that the student might have about the Student Conduct Process.
  • A written statement of the alleged violations in sufficient enough detail to prepare.
  • Reasonable access to the information that will be considered throughout the Student Conduct Process.
  • Instructions as to next steps in the Student Conduct Process.
  • Options regarding level of participation in the Student Conduct Process and roles in the Student Conduct Process, including the consequences of each option.
  • Information about the individuals who will participate in managing the Student Conduct Process moving forward (for example, the moderator, administrative hearing officer, University Board panel, etc.) and the opportunity to request a substitution of any such individual because of a possible conflict of interest or other prejudice. All decisions about removal of individuals from their participation in a Student Conduct Process will be made by the Dean of Students or the Dean's designee. All such decisions are final.
  • Information about any interim sanctions, if applicable.

If possible, the complainant and referred student will be given the opportunity to participate in a face-to-face meeting, or series of meetings, in order to communicate this information. If this is not possible, information will be communicated via phone, email, or other means.

During initial meetings, the University may also request additional information from the complainant or referred student or otherwise collect additional information.