A full-time J.D. student whose GPA falls below 1.70 at the end of the first academic semester will be dismissed from the College of Law. In addition, full-time and part-time College of Law students who are not in good standing at the end of any given academic year will be dismissed. However, formal dismissal letters typically are not issued until final grades are processed.

Students Enrolled In Summer Session Before Notice of Dismissal

A student who is dismissed at the end of the first year and who is enrolled in a Summer course will be withdrawn from the Summer course. Tuition will not be refunded. An upper-level student who is dismissed while enrolled in a Summer course may either withdraw from the course (without a refund) or may finish the Summer class. Should the student elect to remain in the class, credit will not be given unless the student’s petition for readmission is granted.


A student dismissed for a conduct-related reason, such as through the Student Conduct Process or the Academic Integrity process is not eligible for readmission to the University. The only exception to this is a program specific dismissal, in which case the student is not dismissed from the University, only the specific program. In this case, the student is eligible to apply to other programs.