A student who requires time away from their academic program but who intends to re-enroll at the College of Law within two semesters may request a leave of absence. Students must be enrolled in the second semester after beginning their leave of absence (excluding summer term). For example, a student whose two-semester leave of absence begins with the fall semester must re-enroll in the program the following fall semester.

Students will be subject to the NonEnrollment/Discontinuation Policy if they do not enroll in the second semester after their leave of absence begins. Students seeking a leave of absence related to military service will find the procedure outlined in the Military Academic Adjustments policy.

Students are limited to a maximum of two semesters leave of absence. The semesters need not be consecutive. Under the Time to Degree policy, JD students must complete their degree no later than 84 months after commencement of their program of study.

If a student withdraws from the College of Law before the end of their first semester, or if the student is continuously absent for more than two years, the student will be deemed a new applicant and required to comply with all the steps and procedures required of all new applicants to the College of Law.

If a student requests a leave of absence that spans fewer than the two semesters they are allowed as a maximum, they will be subject to the standard Discontinuation Policy and will be discontinued if they do not enroll in the second semester after their leave of absence begins. Re-admission does not extend the number of terms for which a student may take a leave of absence. 

If a student withdraws from classes while not in good standing, the student will be dismissed for academic deficiencies at the end of the academic year. If the student thereafter desires to return to the College of Law, they must follow the readmission procedures.

Students who receive financial aid are encouraged to consult with the Office of Financial Aid at DePaul Central to discuss the effect of a leave of absence on their financial aid.

To initiate a leave of absence, a student must first consult with the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs in the College of Law. The student will then use the tool in Campus Connect (select the “Academic Records” tile and click on “Leave/Withdrawal Request”). Upon submitting their request, the student will receive a notification of its receipt from the Office of the University Registrar. The student will receive a second email once their leave of absence is processed.