Study Abroad Programs Other than DePaul Programs


​Enrolling in a semester or summer abroad program offered by a school other than DePaul is strongly discouraged. A student must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 to attend a summer study abroad program sponsored by another law school.

If a student wishes to attend a program sponsored by another law school, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs must approve the request. No credit will be granted without the prior approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. To request approval, the student must submit a cover letter to the Associate Dean requesting permission to study abroad, together with copies of the course descriptions of the courses the student proposes to take and the number of credits each course is worth. The cover letter must explain why the student’s goals cannot be attained by studying in one of the DePaul-sponsored programs. Differences in curricula or locales between the programs offered by DePaul and those of other schools will not, without more, justify participation in another school’s program.

If the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs approves the request, the student must request a letter of good standing from the Associate Dean for Student Affairs through the College of Law website. The student will pay a nonrefundable fee for each letter of good standing.

If a student’s application for summer study abroad at another institution is approved, the Financial Aid Office may be contacted to arrange a consortium agreement between DePaul and the other law school. Once a consortium agreement is entered into, loan funds granted by DePaul may be used to pay tuition charges for the summer abroad program.

After a student completes the program, he or she must order an official transcript from the other U.S. law school (not the foreign school) and have it sent directly to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. The Associate Dean will forward the transcript to the University Transcript Articulation Office, which will post the credits to the student’s transcript. The transcript will not list grades. Instead, all courses will be listed as “T” or transfer.

A maximum of seven credits may be earned during a summer program sponsored by another law school. Credits will only be awarded if the program is approved by the American Bar Association. Grades earned in another law school’s summer abroad program do not count toward a student’s DePaul GPA and do not satisfy Certificate requirements.