Requirements, Program Termination/Substantial Change


​If an undergraduate major, graduate or law degree program is terminated or a program undergoes substantial changes, there must be a plan in place and a commitment to provide a reasonable opportunity for those active in the program to complete the current requirements of the degree.

The chart below provides the maximum time frame allowed to complete the degree from the point of termination/change:

Type of Program Maximum Time Allowed1
Undergraduate majors 4 years
Undergraduate SCPS programs 6 years
Graduate programs (thesis required) 4 years
Graduate programs (MFA) 4 years
Graduate programs (thesis not required) and Professional MLS and LLM programs 3 years
​Doctoral programs (embedded master’s program) 8 years
Doctoral programs (stand-alone) 5 years
Professional JD programs 4 years

If a program wishes to set shorter time frame for completion, they must explain their rationale and obtain approval from Faculty Council.

For programs with substantial changes, students may elect to pursue the new requirements in accordance with the Requirement Term Policy. Those students who are not able to complete their degree requirements within this time frame will be moved into the new requirements. For programs that have been terminated, undergraduate students may request to pursue a new major and graduate students may apply to a new graduate program. In addition, those students who are not able to complete a terminated degree program within this time frame will be advised of other program opportunities that may be available.

Students are responsible for working with their advisors to develop a plan to finish within the stated timeframe. It is the student’s responsibility to complete required courses when they are offered. Students should not wait to complete required coursework.

For required courses that will no longer be offered, the department will provide substitutions. Waivers may also be granted; however the student must still meet the minimum credit hours required.

Students admitted into or those who are in the admission process for a terminated program will be advised of alternative programs.

Once a program has been approved for termination, students will no longer be admitted or readmitted into the program and students will no longer be able to declare that major or program. The only exceptions to this are active students officially in an "intended" or "pre" major or students officially in a combined bachelor’s/master’s program. In accordance with the requirement term policy, students who are discontinued will not be eligible to be readmitted into a terminated program. ​​