Evaluation and Credit/Limitations


No Credit for Course Work Taken Prior to Matriculation in the JD and LLM Programs

The American Bar Association Standards provide that credit for a JD degree shall only be given for course work taken after the student has matriculated in a law school in a JD program. A law school may not grant credit toward the JD degree for work taken in a pre-admission program.

Requirements to Visit Another Law School

A DePaul student may take selected cross-listed courses at other law schools that have a cross-listing agreement with DePaul College of Law. Students who take such courses shall continue to be registered at, and pay tuition to, DePaul College of Law. The course instructor shall send the student’s final grade to the Assistant Dean of Academic Operations at the DePaul College of Law.  

Except for the cross-listed courses referenced above, or an approved Summer study abroad visit at another law school, which is strongly discouraged, a student will be permitted to receive credit for courses taken at another law school only if the student faces an unforeseen change of circumstances of an emergency nature that makes the student’s continued presence at DePaul an exceptional hardship. Such circumstances may include but are not limited to death or extreme illness in the student’s immediate family, which necessitates a move to another city to alleviate severe financial, medical or other stress. A student must document his or her claim of extraordinary hardship to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. The student must have at least a 3.000 DePaul GPA. NOTE: Financial concerns or the need to accompany or join a spouse, without other significant factors, will not constitute an exceptional hardship; neither will a desire to work or study in another location constitute such a hardship.  

Courses taken at another university or college that are not part of a regularly accredited law school curriculum will not be applied toward a law degree.