​Additional majors are permitted across colleges as well as within a college.

The following stipulations apply to all additional majors.

  1. All admission requirements for each college within which the declared majors are located must be met. This includes audition requirements where applicable.
  2. When declaring more than one major, the student will designate one major as the primary major. This major determines the college within which the student is matriculating and the degree which will be conferred when all graduation requirements for the primary major have been met. The primary major also determines the Liberal Studies or University Honors Program requirements the student will follow.
  3. Major field requirements are those in place at the time the additional major is declared.  All major field requirements for each major must be met when completing more than one major. This includes particular Liberal Studies or University Honors Program requirements specified by each major. 
  4. All major field requirements must be met.
  5. Courses applied to Liberal Studies or University Honors Program requirements or open electives in the primary major may also be used to satisfy major field requirements of an additional major.
  6. No more than 50% of the credits that apply to one major may be drawn from another major.
  7. College of Education students are not eligible to choose an additional major in their world language content area or within the College of Education. Secondary Education students must declare Secondary Education as the primary major to double major in a teaching subject in another college. College of Education students are permitted to earn an additional major in another area of study; however the College of Education major must be the student's primary major.

Some combinations of majors are prohibited as noted in the University Catalog. Please see the specific major field requirements for additional information and/or restrictions.