A student who has received a bachelor’s degree from DePaul University may earn an additional major or minor at DePaul provided that: 

  1. All admission requirements are met. The student will be admitted as a non-degree seeking student.
  2. Major or minor requirements are determined by those major or minor requirements in place at the time of the student’s first enrollment term for the additional major or minor. 
  3. Students must complete all requirements for the additional major or minor.


Due to rapid changes in some areas of major/minor study, along with various licensure standards, some courses or test credits otherwise applicable to the major or minor may be subject to a review to determine the content’s currency. As a result of this review, the course or test equivalent in question may no longer be applicable to major or minor requirements. This review may be conducted by a faculty academic advisor or, when deemed appropriate, by a staff academic advisor in consultation with faculty. If a course or test credit is deemed no longer current, the student may be required to repeat the course or test credit course equivalent in order to complete the requirements.